Can we optimise media investments to minimise your CO2 emissions?

The answer is ‘yes’. We can incorporate a weighting for each media channel into the spend data we have to run our media mix models.

Why consider this?

The typical online ad campaign emits about 5.4 tons of carbon dioxide, according to GoodLoop [1] and a single ad impression can produce up to 1.09 grams of CO2 before offsetting [2].  According to one calculator [1], an ad campaign with a 20mb video file and 1,000,000 impressions weighs in at 10.8 tonnes of CO2

What can you do about it?

Incorporate CO2 into media spend calculations for MMM – we call this CO2-MMM.

We normally measure media spend is pounds, dollars or euros. But we can weight the spend in each channel with its CO2 cost, so we have a CO2 weighted media spend profile to use in our models.  This CO2 weighted media spend then gives us a CO2 weighted cost per sale or market share, which in turn can be optimised to reduce CO2 impact whilst achieving the same business result.

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