Marketing Effectiveness Audit

To deliver high levels of marketing effectiveness, you need the right activities to be undertaken by the right people, carried out in the right way and delivering the right results.

Our effectiveness audit is built around a unique framework and examines these four areas and we make recommendations on how your marketing effectiveness might be strengthened.

The right workstreams – delivering the right marketing outputs requires clear objectives and focus. We help to define the activities that are essential to deliver your marketing plan and estimate the FTE resources required  to deliver those outputs.

The right people – you will need a team and skill set that is matched to your needs and priorities as you execute your marketing activities across the 4Ps.  We help you establish the specific skills required to deliver your plan – these cover research, insight, strategy development and execution by channel. When we know what’s required we can audit the gap between the skills you need and the skills in your team.

In the right way – in order to deliver your marketing objectives your team members should have well-defined ways of working so that they get the best from all internal and external partners. This is particularly important when working with external agencies – defining needs, briefing, workflow management and of course costs.

The right results – how does your performance compare to other brands and industries? Is your marketing investment delivering the right level of ROI? Is there a case for increased investment? We can locate your results in benchmark ranges so they can be viewed in context.

Our audit will examine your objectives and strategy, the workstreams required to deliver those objectives, the types of people (internal or external) who are required to undertake the work needed, your ways of working and the results being delivered.

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