30 low cost ways to increase web site traffic

June 27, 2018By Marketing Training

Not everyone has a large advertising budget so here are 30 free or low cost ways to increase your web site traffic: Make sure your site is fully indexed on Google and has no broken links Set up a Google Analytics account so you can see what’s working best If your site is built on … Read More

How to calculate return on marketing investment (ROMI)

June 22, 2018By Marketing Training

The basic formula for calculating return on marketing investment (ROMI) is: [[sales-costs]/marketing costs] Where: Sales is the revenue generated from marketing activity recorded as sales to customers Costs are the costs of generating those sales (cost of goods sold or COGS) and the costs of marketing. Some notes: How carefully you define sales and costs … Read More

How to write a better Marketing Plan

June 17, 2018By Marketing Training

Your marketing plan is an important document, it will help convince others that your business is viable, it will show that you have a plan to grow your business and it will give you a framework in which to build your business. Writing a better marketing plan Most people can write a basic marketing plan. … Read More