MMM and attribution are complicated. You may need some training to empower you more in this area.

There are some important ground rules for using MMM – you will need to be aware of them

The use of MMM has been growing recently and more marketers are being ask to consider and use it. We can help here with bespoke training, Q&A sessions and mentoring around MMM.

These are the areas we can cover:

  1. How MMM works overview
    1. Summary of MMM
    2. Benefits of MMM
    3. MMM vs MTA
    4. Why MMM is important now
  2. Data
    1. What type of data is needed?
    2. Data considerations
    3. Interaction variables
  3. Data Exploration
    1. The importance of visualising data
    2. Examining the dimensions of your data
    3. Identifying issues
  4. Feature Engineering
    1. AdStock
    2. Attention
    3. Interaction Variables
  5. Modelling
    1. What exactly is a model?
    2. How machine learning estimates models from data
    3. How models are tested and validated
    4. Which diagnostic tests you need to be aware of
  6. Reporting
    1. How to interpret model outputs
    2. How to convey MMM outputs to colleagues
    3. How models are used to optimise investments
    4. Using an existing model to estimate media attribution on new data
  7. Timings and Costs
    1. Timescales
    2. Likely costs

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