Understanding Media Contracts, Trading and Transparency

The media landscape is changing very quickly and this presents challenges in terms of keeping your media agency contracts and commercial terms up to date.  Recent examples of topics that should be covered in your agency agreement include:

  1. AVBs (also known as “kick backs” or “rebates” from media owners)
  2. Actual price paid for media vs any menu pricing
  3. Ad Fraud Protection
  4. Ad Verification – were ads really delivered and where?
  5. Ad Viewability – despite being delivered (technically) were they really seen by real people?
  6. Brand Safety (sites and context in which your brand appears)
  7. Digital tech stack mark ups (margins added at different stages in the digital advertising process)

In addition, agencies charge advertisers commission, fee or a combination of both to provide their services. But there is no benchmark readily available so you cannot be sure you are paying the correct amount for services. There are a number of ways to resolve this problem:

  • Compare the fee you are paying to industry norms
  • Calculate how the fee you are paying relates to the people and services working on your account
  • Examine where payment by results is an appropriate option in your contract

Media Agency Contracts and Commercials Course

You need to be sure that you are not slipping behind. Our “Contracts and Commercials”  course covers seven key areas:

  1. Contract terms – with a focus on how well you, the advertiser, is protected
  2. Commercial terms – how much are you paying your agency and is it too much?
  3. Menu-based media pricing / media rates – are they fair and realistic?
  4. Digital – are you adequately protected against bad practice and unseen fees?
  5. How to budget for different levels of agency resource using FTEs
  6. How to contract “out of scope” work
  7. How to develop a payment by results framework

Costs and timing – 1/2 day courses “Contracts and Commercials”

  • Course duration: 1 day, 9.30am – 2.00pm
  • Cost: £150 per delegate
  • Min 5 delegates (£750), Max 20 delegates (£3,000)
  • Costs exclude VAT

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