Not everyone has a large advertising budget so here are 30 free or low cost ways to increase your web site traffic:

  1. Make sure your site is fully indexed on Google and has no broken links
  2. Set up a Google Analytics account so you can see what’s working best
  3. If your site is built on a platform like WordPress get an SEO plugin
  4. Identify a set of target key words with high demand and, where possible, low competition
  5. Create content around your target keywords
  6. Get a “subscribe” app (remember to be GDPR compliant in EU and UK)
  7. Create a LinkedIn company page
  8. Join groups and post articles on LinkedIn
  9. Run a webinar on LinkedIn
  10. Share every new post you write to LinkedIn
  11. Post your presentation slides on Slideshare
  12. Post on Twitter using hashtags, follow influencers
  13. Create a YouTube channel and create content (slides or video)
  14. Create a Pinterest account, post content, follow influencers
  15. Create an Instagram account, post content, follow influencers
  16. Create content and post it on your blog / site with social sharing
  17. Post comments on target blogs and leave your URL
  18. Be a guest blogger on an industry leading site
  19. Register with target directory sites
  20. Sponsor part of a target industry event (even if only the pencils)
  21. Create white papers for target industry sites
  22. Do some interesting research and PR it online and offline
  23. Do a partnership deal with a complementary brand
  24. Write articles and submit them to targeted sites
  25. Sign up to an affiliate network
  26. Setup a Google PPC account with Analytics
  27. Set up a Bing PPC account
  28. Set up a LinkedIn PPC account
  29. Run online display ads on targeted sites
  30. Run online display ads on an ad network

Email and GDPR

You’ll notice I have not specifically talked about email. The rules in the UK and Europe have changed with GDPR. You can only email a permissioned list, if you can get all your subscribers to voluntarily agree to be re-contacted you should be fine.