Ways of Working

Ways of Working Ways of working describes the processes that are involved in specifying and delivering the services you consume from your media agency.  When things are going well, the processes are likely to be working well. When things are not going well, the causes are almost always problems or failings in the process. This … Read More

Media Agency Contracts

Understanding Media Contracts, Trading and Transparency The media landscape is changing very quickly and this presents challenges in terms of keeping your media agency contracts and commercial terms up to date.  Recent examples of topics that should be covered in your agency agreement include: AVBs (also known as “kick backs” or “rebates” from media owners) … Read More

One to One Media Q&A

One to One Media Q&A If you are a marketer it is entirely possible that you have got to your current role without having gained a detailed understanding of how media agencies work. You may not have worked closely with a media agency until now or you may have worked with agencies who don’t explain … Read More